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armada of solar powered rubber dinghies

2007 small serie
comercial order L=7,5m; B=2.8m; 15 person, Pm=2kW

The world first solar powered rubber dinghy in this creation was developed by Techno Consult. On basis of a "normal" rubber dinghy, wich was choosed by the client "Teamgeist GmbH", so called "Teamrib" was developed. It is specialy made for teambuilding. Our development was defined in the field of roof constuction, static and hydro-stability.



2006 Solarcruiser
custom build; LH=10.5m; BH=2,5m

The Solarcruiser can be powered by solar panels or a diesel generator. Because of a special hydrodynamic optimisation it doesn`t need more than 9,5 kW total propulsion power. The boat is designed for a coastel use.


big solar ferry

1999 Prototyp
comercial order; LH=20m; BH=4.6m

Techno Consult calculates the hydrodynamic and arranges a construction. The weihgt was reduced to 1/2 t/m with the help of finite elements. The ship from stainless steel needs only 2x8kW electrical power.


small solar ferry

1998 Prototyp
comercial order; LH=9.4m; BH=2.8m

Techno Consult calculates the hydrodynamic and arranges a construction. The ship from stainless steel can be used as a ferry.


solar roof

1997 solar-roof
comercial order; LH=6.9m; BH=2.5m

In 1997 Jörg Albrecht worked as the chief-engineer at "MSK" in Berlin for doing the CE-certification of the suncat 21, before the filigran solar-roof was calculated with finite elements.


bulbous bow

1995 bulbous bow
comercial order; Lwl=12.0m; Bwl=3.4m

The bulbous bow was made for an armada of turkish tourisme boats. The bulbous bow saves a lot of energy and make it possible to power these boats with solar energy.