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From the very beginning we tried to make the inspiring design of solar powered vessels which harmonises with the new technology of shipbuilding.
Design is the matter of taste. The maritime solar design, which you can see hier, is intended for the future motivation. All design studies are merely unrealised ideas. But general all these ideas about solar vessels can be realised and the reality has proved this many times.
The overview of colours and forms of solar powered vessels here doesn´t claim the completeness. Many new projects are being developed now and can not yet be introduced here.
Let your fantasy freely run and we will help you to make true your ideas.

solar powered training ship "Sunshine"

Sponsorship needed for a training ship
"Sunshine" in the UNESCO-biosphere reserve "Schorfheide-Chorin"

The solar powered training ship "Sunshine", was concepted for smooth sea and its main destination is education.
It has place for 50 students or engineers who want to learn something about solar-ship-design. The technical equipment is coordinated with the training modules.


"Millenium One"

The concept of the "Millenium One" as a solar hydrogen ship was worked out by the designer Prof. Ingo Schneider (University of Art in Berlin) and the naval architect Jörg Albrecht in 1999.
The design can be realised as a passanger vessel for the coastal use for approx. 350 persons.


solar passanger vessel for 150 person

This design study "Suncat 2000" from the Berlin´s designer Jan Petzold was elaborated by Dipl.-Eng. Jörg Albrecht in1997 as a fibre glass costruction.
The ship has a modular design ,so that it can be built in different sizes. Primarily it was planed for 150 guests.


solar wasser taxi

This design study has been already developed in 1995 together with the designer aus Kiel Jan Sokoll. It presents probably the first worldwide solar design

The small mobile vessels can be used in the downtown as a taxi. They are licensed with simplification because of limiting number of persons.It is only 12 passangers.


free deck solar ferry

This solar powered vessel was developed by Jörg Albrecht as a modern own design in 2002.
The vessel is L=10m; B=3m; v=14km/h; Pm=2x7kW;


50 person solar ferry

This design was developed together with the architekt Prof.Ingo Schneider.
It can be used as a coast vessel for 50 persons.


Berlinīs water dacha

The "Berlin´s water dacha" is the own creative design of Jörg Albrecht and was developed in 2001 for awater wanderer. Together with the nature and in the harmony can the wanderer enjoy spare time on the water.
The big "veranda" on the bow gives a splendid opportunity to stay on the water or in the bays and observe the nature or sunbathe.
Just a real weekend summer home for inland waterways!
The lenth is 12m
The breadth is 3,8m