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jumboising of a motor yacht

jumboising of a motor yacht with ballast keel, bulbous bow and stern elongation

The lines of the motor yacht were measured 2007. The hydrostability was upgraded for one category.


fast Cat

design project as custom build
re-design, construction and static
fast glider catamaran

The Fast Cat is so fast as it looks like.

Techno Consult does the re-design of the Fast Cat for a better looking and a professional statics.

With 2x 130 hp Honda outboard motors the Fast Cat reachs nearly 80km/h .


You can order the 3D-glasses for € 5,-


Certification Project for EU-Import
Wood Speed-boat

The speed-boat from Thailand was built without a plan. But it had to be brought on the EU-market and that´t why the general arrangement plan,the stability and the statics were done in 1995.


monohull water taxi

The "Venetian water taxi" can be equiped with an x-electrical propulsion.
The first inquiries for the biger variants with over 50 people have been already available.


the cityboat

The Development Projec for the Office for the Environment
Design and Construction
The Small Passanger Boat for Round Trips
The town Leipzig ordered this project and the Office for the Environment in Leipzig oversaw it.
The propulsion was designed by Techno Consult as the X-electrical propulsion, so that different resources of energy such as bio-fuels, solar power, fuel cell, diesel, benzine and gas can be used.
In the case of "Leipzig boat" we speak actualy about two kinds of boats.On the one hand it is the "family sport boat" ,on the other hand it is "the passanger boat", which had to be constructed for the waters in the region of Leipzig and for their ecological and economical use.