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you have the right for your own expert

And when other sustain their position in case of a damage different as you , you have the right for your own expert.


expert for damage

When a ship has had a crash,it is suggestive directly to order an expert.
The twisted railing can be made good , but how the structure of the ship looks like. Has the deck had demages? How do the bulkheads look like at the impenetrable places and are they demolished or totally broken?
These classical jobs of an expert look ahead first of all the wide knowledge in the costruction.
Which conclusions can be drawn from these damages?
All these questions we can answer after the visit.
You profit also of course from our experience in contacts with the insurance and the court.


expert for rating

Should the price be different for the sale of the ship, so the expert can help along.
The expert proposes the real price of the ship and makes after all the change of owners possible or at least forces it.
The most of insurances need the expert´s report of the value of a ship to insure it and also in this situation the certificated expert can help along.


damaged by repair

The damages ,which emerge from the inexpert maintenance work, are especially annoying.

The owner wants to make the best for his ship and has ordered to refit the hull. Then the water comes through the planks and the ship sinks.
In this case the expert has to assess not only the damages, but also he researches the cause.How could this take place?


consulting for buying

The internal values are very important. Who wants to be sure of his expensive purchase must inspect once again before the agrement for sale will be signed.