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permission and certification

We stop at nothing!
The rules and regulations according to the certification of boat- and shipbuilding are taken into account from the very beginning of a construction.
Following rules and regulations are generally used by us:

-ISO Standards for pleasure crafts
-Rules for Classification and Construction of Germanischer Lloyd
-Rules for Charter Boats
-American Bureau of Schipping
-Rules for Vessels on the River Rhein
-Rules for Inland Waterways Vessels
-Rules for Vessels on the Lake Constance

We acquaint ourselves willingly also with other rules and regulations.


certification after building

Sometimes the ship must be certified which wasn´t made according to the rules of the European market.

This can have many reasons:

The port of registry belongs at once to Europe.
The trader wants to import the american produkt to Europe.
The sale of a water vehicle to other countries outside the Europe has failed and that´s why a vehicle must be made suitable for the Europe.
The owner who built himself wants to sell the ship before the end of a five years´ term comes.

To help you by all these changes means for us to prepare all necessary CE-Documentations


hydrogen motors

Speziell für genehmigungspflichtige Sonderlösungen wie z.B. LPG-, CNG- und Wassertoff-Antriebsanlagen erstellen wir Genehmigungskonzepte und Planungen.